How To cook Nabe


Tori-no Mizutaki Nabe (Simple Chicken Hot pot)

This is how to cook a basic Nabe.


1. Dashi-kombu (Edible seaweed) in the water.

If you don't have Dashi-Kombo, you don't need to put in it.




2. Chicken, Chinese cabbage, Spring onion, Enoki, Tofu, Shirataki and anything you need are put in to the Nabe.

You can swap the ingredients you like is possible.




3. It caps to the Nabe and it completes to the fire when boiling for 10-15 minutes.

Please eat with Ponz Syouyu (Soysauce Vineger).




Tori Zousui (Chicken Risotto)

"Shime" is the end of Nabe, and that is the food you eat and drink with this and that.

We eat Tori Zousui at that time.


1. The cooked rice is put in the soup after it finished eating Tori-no Mizutaki(Simple Chicken Hot Pod).

If you don't have cooked rice, you can use instant rice or short pasta.



2. It seasons soup with the salt and the soy sauce.

The mixed egg put into the soup, and boils for 4-5 minutes.

The minced scallion is done in the topping and it completes.




Now you are able to eat Tori-no Mizutaki without leaving the soup of one drop.

You can make next day's dish, too.

Please make Nabe without uselessness.



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