Miso Soup Nabe



March 19, 2015

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Ramen Nabe(Noddle Hot One Pot) 



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Sio Chanko Nabe (Salt Chanko hot pot )



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Light & Easy Suki Nabe for Vegetarians(Healthy Veggie Sukiyaki)



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Light & Easy Suki Nabe (Healthy Sukiyaki)



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Vegetable Shabu Nabe (Vegetarian Hot One Pot)



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Healthy Shabu Nabe (Beef Hot One Pot)



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Lettuce NABE

It's raining today in New York. Since a little cold, I made the lettuce pot. The secret ingredient plum kelp tea you put in soup! It was delicious with crisp lettuce!



June 19, 2013

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The Journey of Japanese Food in U.S.A-"Which Udon is your favorite, Oriental Flavor or Chicken Flavor?"

"Which Udon is your favorite, Oriental Flavor or Chicken Flavor?"

Let's try it! Yes, I made two different kinds of Udon in NABE (hot pot) today. I used a small NABE. It is very convenient for a single. You can cook in NABE, and you can eat from NABE. That is right. Do not need to wash a dish. Only need to wash A NABE! My favorite is Oriental Flavor. Chicken Flavor was OK, but the taste was similar to Nisshin Cup Noodle (Chicken Flavor). So I added the curry cubes in Chicken Flavor to make Curry Udon. Then that was delicious. My recommendation is..., if you want to eat Traditional Japanese Udon, please try Oriental Flavor. If you want to eat "Upon with Chicken noodle taste", try Chicken Flavor. If you like curry taste, add the curry cubes. Please remember, once we cook udon in NABE, we call the udon "NABE YAKI UDON".



June 17, 2013

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3. Fukuoka-ken "Motsu Nabe"

Nabe party of this time is Fukuoka-ken "Motsu Nabe".

After After the war of Hakata in Fukuoka, we boiled the meat and green onion in the aluminum pan.
In the 1960s, put the seasoning and green onions after fried in pepper and sesame oil, we ate like sukiyaki it.
The style in recent years, put leek, cabbage, garlic, pepper and seasoned with miso and soy sauce to soup taken, such as kelp and bonito, to have in it, we eat "Motsu Nabe".


June 9, 2013

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